Hailey B.

Erin is an amazing therapist. I’ve never once felt like she didn’t genuinely care about me and my mental health. She remembers details about me without having to run through notes. She checks on me and constantly ensures me that I’m making progress. She’s been the biggest tool in my personal healing and growth. Her methods have helped me rework my thought process and I’ve seen a huge improvement in my self esteem since becoming her client.

Her office is a comfortable, judgement free setting. When I walk in those doors, I know I’m going to have productive conversation and that I am going to leave a little more healed. I recommend her to everyone I can because I just hope other people can experience all that she has to offer. I recommend Erin as a therapist without reservation!

Ethan P.

If given the chance I would give Erin 80 stars. In my time with Erin she helped me so much. After the death of my mother I was having big issues with regulating my mood and drawing boundaries between co-workers and family. After her help with learning myself she showed me how to draw boundaries and communicate in a way that is so easy and comfortable. I'm now able to see others point of view and calm myself easily with the help of a few mood techniques she showed me. With her help i've been able to progress professionally and personally in my life. I honestly do no know how to thank her for the help and guidance she has given me.

Carey C.

I have been with Erin for well over a year now, and she has helped me almost completely turn my life around. She has been nothing but patient, kind, empathetic, and a wonderful resource of help and information. I've never once felt that my needs weren't being addressed or misunderstood. She has helped pull me from darkness and shown me the light. I highly recommend her whenever I can, to whoever I can.

Stephan R.

Mrs Kelly has been my counselor and a positive influence in my life for the last year and a half she is very wise and I would suggest anyone that is going through a tough time in there life to go see her


An excellent therapist who is very diligent and cares about helping others. I highly recommend.


Erin has been a great therapist!


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