Behavioral Therapy

When using cognitive behavioral therapy, I help the client identify toxic thoughts or patterns that limit freedom, diminish self-esteem, and reduce solutions/options. Many people grow up experiencing negative messages that may continue to drive their behavior today. It is my job to help people see they have other options to take better care of themselves.

When working with families, I help parents to be a unified team and strengthen their marriage. In today's world, there are many completing demands. It is important to set boundaries to protect your marriage and family.

Frequently asked questions:
I am happy to provide paperwork necessary for reimbursement from your insurance company as I do not accept insurance.

The parking is at the back of the building. Our parking lot is at the corner of Boyd Street and Washington Avenue. The rear entrance of this building has a concrete, brick, and black wrought-iron porch with big white columns.

I base my fee on annual income. People that make less are closer to the $50 per hour rate and people that do very well are closer to the $100 rate. Most clients pay a fee in the middle. Your hourly rate will be determined in the first phone contact and you will need to bring an income statement that justifies the discount.

If you have questions, please feel free to call me at 931-252-4245 . If I miss your call, there is an informative voicemail message.